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Virtual Reality – Free Your Mind

Virtual Reality – Free Your Mind


Thanks to the development of the Oculus Rift & Samsung Gear virtual reality is here but how does it fit into the marketing mix?

Obviously coverage build is currently slow, but impact is unrivalled. As technology races a head it is only a matter of time before most households will have access to the required technology to experience total immersion.

So here are some ideas of how to harness the power of VR.


–          No longer will the house builder need to wait for a show home to be built to organise a viewing. Why not carry out that viewing in their own home instead of asking them to view it on a soulless building site.

–          How much easier would it be to sell a holiday destination if you could take someone there for a few minutes?

–          Show the benefit of the new cab design on your new truck, van, excavator, plane or boat.

–          Experience the latest sports car on a race track.

–          Go back in time and walk with Dinosaurs.

–          Swim with sharks in the middle of the desert .

–          Roll out the new rollercoaster in the middle of the City.


One of the main obstacles to the smaller advertiser was production costs, which are now at a more affordable level so the only thing holding you back now is your imagination.



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