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Times are a-changing, and is Jeremy Clarkson pleased?

Times are a-changing, and is Jeremy Clarkson pleased?

“From Sunday April 17, the order of The Sunday Times sections will be changing slightly to give you a more streamlined in-paper reading experience. The News Review section will be moving to sit after the Comment section. And we are doubling our complement of Sunday puzzles, which will move to the Money section.”


Swept from a dedicated Driving supplement in the Sunday Times – with its panoramic editorial spread to the inside pages of the Sunday Times Magazine – he has now been consigned from the outside back cover of the separate News Review to the humble inside pages of the main section.

Us regular Sunday Times readers were only advised of this transition last Friday evening. Hope there were some reader panels going on somewhere thinking of what’s best for us rather than just a commercial decision.

The good news for us clueless – is that they have doubled their complement of puzzles which has found itself in the Money section (appropriate?)

Alan Hall

Media Planner (and a Times enthusiast)

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