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It’s a new dawn – it’s ‘The New Day’

It’s a new dawn – it’s ‘The New Day’

The New Day launched today (29th February 2016) as the first standalone national newspaper for 30 years.

After a heavyweight TV campaign over the weekend – purported to be in the region of £5 million – the first issue is free and appears to be widely available through a variety of newspaper outlets (e.g Waitrose, independent retailers). Cover price will rise to 25p for the next two weeks and further increase to 50p from then on.

In development for two years the publishers are contesting that this is a gut reaction to the demise of the paper format of The Independent (goodbye!), and the sale of the i newspaper to competitor Johnston Press at the end of March.

The print run for the first issue is 2 million and they expect to have their audited ABC circulation in June – where their rate will be based on a guarantee of 200,000. Therefore, between now and June there will be considerable slippage.

The New Day is printed on slightly glossier paper than the traditional newspapers on offer, and the editorial layout has an i feel about it with five news stories covered in one column. There is sparse coverage of news with the ‘in depth’ articles appealing to a limited readership.

It will have to up its game on the word count when the cover prices kick in. Perhaps there will be 200k buyers of the newspaper who are ‘upbeat, positive and relishing life’ and don’t pick up another newspaper – but there are big hitters out there with The Daily Mail and with the i offering 64 pages for 40p.

As a fan of newspapers I would love to see this settle in amongst established newspapers and hope they can attract news readers to their quirky format and placement of sports.

Alan Hall
Media Planner

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