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Teleshopping: A Study In Motion

Teleshopping: A Study In Motion

Rani and I attended a recent Teleshopping event, hosted by Sky Media and Clearcast in conjunction with Thinkbox. It was a very enlightening set of presentations which highlighted the continued relevance of Teleshopping and addressed some of the negative perceptions surrounding it.

As TV is so hugely trusted and revered as a medium, Teleshopping is particularly effective for launching new products and driving brand awareness. One of its key benefits is the enabling of low investment levels for new product testing prior to roll out. It also operates on a short term booking deadline, facilitating close management of stock levels and sales. Good value for money can be delivered, reflected in direct sales volumes and retailers’ sales uplift.

There are two types of commercials: Short-form typically comprises content of 60’, 120’, 180’ or 240’ duration, whilst Longform pertains to 12, 15 and 30 minute commercials scheduled around 6am-9am programming. This enhanced length is necessary in order to effectively convey the nuances of the message. Key categories include charities, holidays, beauty, health and fitness and home and gardening.

Although historically these channels have attracted a bit of a bad rap, they are steadfast and true in terms of their ability to communicate product intricacies. Unfortunately there has also been an element of snobbery associated with the format, perhaps driven by their direct approach and lack of subtlety therein. However, the tide could finally be turning, with more and more brands hitching a lift on this intriguing dark horse.

Recent success stories include Nutribullet, who effectively harnessed a diverse channel mix to deliver a compelling proposition for the brand. H2O Steam Mop and Beachbody Insanity have also successfully positioned themselves as household items via Teleshopping. FoodSaver and My Perfect Eyes saw immediate and traceable ROI, with 20% uplift on Amazon sales; the resultant ‘halo’ effect is irrefutable.

Campaign efficacy can be increasingly optimised via the up-weighting of key channels and streamlining of the offer, honed to elicit the most heightened response. Response analysis can be particularly useful, enabling the tracking of traffic post spot transmission.

Intriguingly, it is the immediacy of Teleshopping that most tantalises. In other words the ROI is more directly attributable due to the immediacy of the sales. Consequently, the advertising is accountable in a way that is more challenging to gauge with many conventional campaigns.

Robin Dorman
Head Of Broadcast

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