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TCS Visit Radiocentre

TCS Visit Radiocentre

On Thursday Rayhan and I had the opportunity to visit Radiocentre for an introduction to radio.

The day was filled with lots of different activities, and we were even able to record our own ad! We learned the importance of building an emotional connection with an audience, and how to create an engaging ad (in order to avoid being background noise). This is particularly important with radio, as you don’t have the visual element to work with creatively.

We were updated on the latest tech within radio advertising, such as the personalisation of ads – radio ads can now tell you what day it is, the weather and even your name!

Radio is a great way of enhancing other media channels e.g. TV, and when these are used effectively together ad recall increases significantly.

Radio today is stronger than ever and is definitely a medium brands should consider for their campaigns.

Patricia Hytonen
Junior Media Planner/Buyer

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