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Anti-Bribery and Corruption Statement

Our Commitment:

TCS Media seeks excellence in every aspect of its business and is committed that all staff and anyone connected to our business acts with ethics, integrity and professionalism in combating bribery and corruption. The company has assessed the risk to the business of acts of bribery and corruption and expects all employees and associated persons acting on behalf of the company to comply with this policy to ensure that no offence under the Bribery Act 2010 is committed, for which the company would be liable. Failure to comply with this policy may constitute a serious act of misconduct which could result in the dismissal of an employee or the cancellation of a contract with an associated business.


Bribery may be known as a bung, kickback, favour for cash or another term. It is generally defined as the giving or receiving of a financial inducement or other advantage in return for the improper performance of a relevant function or activity.

Examples of bribery include giving or receiving a financial inducement or other advantage in order to:

•Secure new business, retain a contract or be given special rates.
• Gain any advantage over a competitor.
• Turn a blind eye to a health and safety issue or poor performance in an assessment of any kind to gain a certificate/a free pass.

Bribes do not have to involve a cash payment and can include the giving or receiving of gifts, hospitality, entertainment, preferential treatment, discounts or anything else of value.


We run our business with integrity and have a zero tolerance to both the offering, and receiving of bribes by anyone working with, connected to, or supplying services to our businesses. Our Anti-Bribery Policy is part of a regular mandatory training programme for all new employees and this is clearly reiterated in our Employee Code of Conduct. This requires a signature of acknowledgement by anyone working for us.

Our employees are expected to conduct themselves with the highest legal and ethical standards. Our position on bribery is clear: It is illegal. Such acts would be detrimental to our reputation and would, leave us open to and anyone connected to us to regulatory action, fines and even imprisonment.

TCS has a Whistle Blowing Policy to ensure that employees feel able to flag up any concerns about corrupt practices and to report them with confidentiality and without fear of retribution.

Our Finance Director Sean Guthrie is responsible for keeping all policies and procedures under review.

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