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TCS Attends Mediatel’s Connected TV World Summit

TCS Attends Mediatel’s Connected TV World Summit

Last Tuesday saw us attending Day One of Mediatel’s Connected TV World Summit. Enthused by their “Future TV Advertising Forum” back in November, we came back for more.

This event was different to November’s, which focused on the impact of changing TV viewing habits from a media/advertising point of view.

This time round, the agenda was centered around a global perspective of how TV operators and service providers can embed themselves further into consumers lives through the use of innovative technology solutions.

Justin Lebbon, Director of Mediatel Events, put it succinctly: “this (TV) marketplace has been in a state of hyper-disruption for ten years, but there is no slow-down in the rate of change”

After watching the presentations, it’s easy to see why.

Consumers are increasingly demanding, wanting a variety of content on accessible platforms and shifting their viewing habits.

The operators and service providers face a massive challenge to continue to deliver what the consumer wants (and on their terms).

The content distribution models appear to be constantly evolving to keep pace. Service providers are trying to anticipate the next big trend and stay ahead of the competition, with “Virtual” Pay TV and “Skinny Bundling” being two of the most recent developments.

Commercially, there are more opportunities and implementational issues associated with data analytics, cloud, machine learning and voice/conversational user experiences. We’re clearly not there yet, but some of the science fiction from the 50s has already been realised!

There is also a clear need for an improved user experience. Multiple access points to watch TV and the sheer volume of available content means there is a real need for a uniformity of UX across devices. Wi-Fi speed and room to room connectivity requires investment so the consumers’ aspirations for instantaneous, quality content delivery are met.

It was also obvious that some markets are more mature and advanced than others, so one size doesn’t fit all.

It was interesting to learn about the new technological advancements and how they can help overcome the current market challenges, but, we couldn’t help thinking that no-one is really addressing a key point here.

That is, why are more and more consumers subscribing to SVOD services?

Content is a large part of the answer. But could it also be that they are getting tired from the bombardment of advertising on multiple devices and are increasingly seeking solace in an ad-free environment which Linear TV doesn’t, in the main, offer?

Tech can only go so far in protecting broadcasters’ audiences, and the ramifications are huge on business models. So we’re not going to see major changes in ad minutage, but, if consumers are looking for a less cluttered viewing experience from legacy TV providers, shouldn’t this be on their agenda?

Perhaps that’s why this question may remain the elephant in the room… for now!

David Price
Managing Director

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