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TCS Attends the Annual AMA Conference

TCS Attends the Annual AMA Conference

Having just returned from an inspiring three days at the Arts Marketing Association Conference, my brain is still ticking trying to process all of the things I have learnt.

The AMA is a membership organisation for professionals working in the Arts, Culture and Heritage sectors. It connects over 2,000 members and delivers resources and events – more information can be found here.

The annual conference has a jam packed schedule full of sessions and keynote speeches. This year’s was at the fun, lively and playful city of Liverpool, which makes complete sense given the theme: The Power of Play.

“Play is about responding to challenge, replacing isolation with collaboration, embracing risk, and experimenting”, we were told at the beginning of the event. Over the course of the three days we discovered what this means, how it can be implemented day to day, and how it can vary for different organisations and individuals.

The conference kicked off with a keynote speech on Diversity, Leadership and Change by Deborah Williams, CEO of the Creative Diversity Network. Deborah tackled the topic with wit, whilst channelling the character of a “straight, white, able-bodied, older man”, delivering a captivating, thought-provoking and memorable session.

Another highlight was the keynote session from Emma Rice, Artistic Director at Wise Children, on Play and The Oxygenation of the Workplace. Emma spoke openly about her working journey and the evolution of her character, enlightening us all on how to implement the practice of playfulness within the workplace. She posed the question “What’s the worst that can happen? If the answer isn’t death then you might as well give it a go.” I think we’ve all been guilty at some point of having an idea and choosing to stay silent or do nothing for fear of being ‘wrong’.

The core message of the conference was that creativity and progress often happen whilst thinking outside the box. We should be more open to embracing our childlike, playful selves who weren’t so fearful of making mistakes or having to start over.

Sticking to the theme of play, the Wednesday evening social event was a blast! We were treated to ‘The Beatles: Bus and Pub Tour’, and we couldn’t have been in more knowledgeable hands as our tour guide Charlie had a Master’s Degree in The Beatles! After concluding our sightseeing/singalong trip, we had a great time socialising at the historic Cavern Club.

It was a truly brilliant few days in Liverpool. I very much enjoyed putting faces to names, as well as meeting lots of new faces. A massive thank you to the AMA for putting on such a wonderful event!

Candice King
Media Account Executive

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