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The Shape of Things to Come?

The Shape of Things to Come?

The role of Programmatic and ‘Big Data’ is increasingly discussed by trade press and industry luminaries. As an ex-client was fond of reminding me, on a fairly regular basis, “it is certainly a very exciting time to be involved in the world of media”.

It has been mooted for a while that it’s only a matter of time before Offline media is traded programmatically, but recently things do seem to be gathering pace. Across the pond AT&T has linked up with tech company Videology to test selling linear TV airtime programmatically, and Sky and ITV announced their Tech company ‘tie-ups’ in Q4 last year. Alongside this, in the world of Out Of Home, Rubicon partnered with BidPoster in extending their platform to include OOH inventory.

This new tech development and the sheer scale of ‘Big Data’ it provides, will unquestionably have, and is already having, an effect on the training and recruitment strategies for the majority of agencies.

No doubt the role and skillset of both the Online and Offline media planner/buyer is becoming obsolete in the rapidly evolving digital world we live in. We’re already seeing diversification with online, where specialists in Search, Programmatic, SEO & Social are now the norm.

Agencies will strive to draw insights from ‘Big Data’, and there will be high demand for analytically and mathematically skilled graduates to help inform meaningful strategies – which will ultimately benefit our clients. Perhaps we will also see an increase in graduates with programming and electronic engineering skills to build the in-house programmatic platforms of the future, providing agencies with alternative revenue streams.

We need to embrace these advancements and it is ‘exciting’ finding new, engaging ways and formats to reach our clients’ audiences; but we must remember at the core of this industry lies an inherent human need to understand what truly drives us to interact and, ultimately, embrace a brand into our lives.

David Price

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