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PR and media buying unity – it’s a no brainer

PR and media buying unity – it’s a no brainer

For years I have wondered why smaller, independent, PR firms are not working closer with like-minded media planning and buying agencies.

Invariably both disciplines serve the same master, that of creating brand value, in one shape or another; getting the right message in front of the right people, at the right time. It’s not rocket science.

Therefore, it must be in the interest of the client to ensure that communication budgets are invested in media channels, efficiently; ensuring that every pound spent in paid or unpaid media is delivering a profitable return.

Let’s, for a moment, dispense with the old fashioned measurement/value metric of how much advertising value the editorial has achieved.

Isn’t it more beneficial to be able to implement a meaningful metric of achievement from the start?

Instead of despatching brand missives in to media channels based on just circulation and readership figures, how about fusing the skills and tools of media planning to provide insights on consumption and behaviour?

Whilst not paid for, the same exposure metrics can be applied to editorial placement, as it is for display advertising space, which makes the whole reporting process a little more robust.

I passionately believe that collaboration of these two disciplines can deliver a greater effect for brands fighting for stand out than working in isolation.

Simon Parker, MD

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