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The Brief

Sudocrem is the UK’s number 1 nappy rash treatment and has enjoyed this status for over 80 years.

The advent of the digital age and exponential growth in technological devices has meant the consumer now has a far greater number of sources to glean information and connect with brands.

The baby skin market is no exception and we needed to ensure the marketing communication channels evolved to ensure full & frequent consumer engagement with the brand.

Our Solution

Digital was moved into a more prominent role, in recognition of the fluid connectivity parents were displaying in their quest for information.

The Digital strategy enhanced TV activity through engaging with parents online, through relevant websites/ social media platforms, and reaching the core consumer on mobile devices.

The Results

This evolution of the marketing mix showed a positive effect on business performance, delivering millions of impressions in highly targeted environments, driving new audiences to the Sudocrem website & high engagement with social media strands.




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