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The Brief

Rangemaster is Britain’s No.1 range cooker manufacturer, with a long and rich heritage.

After Client research, a brief was given to reach an extended audience who (wrongly) considered the brand to be expensive and traditional. A new communication strategy was devised, concentrating on “not as expensive as you think” messaging, to challenge these perceptions and help drive increases in sales volumes and revenues.

Our task was to reach both new audiences & those people who have considered the brand in the past with these new communications, whilst taking care not to alienate the Rangemaster core audience, as they would still be exposed to the main brand comms.

Our Solution

Rangemaster’s media mix has evolved in recent years, moving away from one which consisted almost exclusively of home interest/lifestyle magazines, towards a more progressive, digitally focussed strategy, adapting to changes in consumers media consumption patterns.

Our solution was to increase the digital activity and use RTB (real time bidding, AKA programmatic buying) technology to laser target our audiences, minimising wastage and allowing for both “affordable” & “main brand” communications to be transmitted simultaneously, without compromising campaign performance.

RTB activity is specifically optimised towards visits to key pages on including brochure downloads and the dealer locator page. We use sophisticated ‘lookalike’ targeting to analyse internet user behaviour patterns and drive new customer prospects to the Rangemaster brand.

The Results

From an initial test of RTB activity, the channel is a constant driver of highly qualified traffic to on a year-round basis.

Cost per visit to key page has been halved since initial RTB testing began.

We have succeeded in driving high volumes of new visits to with over 82% of site visitors through advertising being new visitors.


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