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PAMCo Launches in Readership Revamp

PAMCo Launches in Readership Revamp

PAMCo (Publishers Audience Measurement Company) launched last Thursday replacing the National Readership Survey (NRS). This will be the first system to produce a single, trusted, audience measure for readership across a brand’s print and digital platforms. It will offer a de-duplicated view of how people consume published media on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Findings from the latest PAMCo data revealed that, in 2017, nearly all national newsbrands received a much higher volume of readers via their smartphone than through print. While less people may be paying for print, newsbrands are still being consumed, and are growing, digitally. PAMCo will help us to confirm and quantify that trend.

At launch, PAMCO’s data only goes as far back as January 2017. Moving forward, reports will be released on a quarterly basis, so it will still be some time before we can analyse trends in the market.

Although this new measurement is revolutionising how we acknowledge brand reach, as advertisers, we need to remain mindful of the balance between readership and circulation figures when trading. ABC circulation data is audited (and not estimated) and is therefore still a really important indication as to how many people are paying for and consuming print media.

When buying and planning campaigns, media continues to be largely siloed by channel. We hope that PAMCo’s new measurement system will signal a change in how media owners and agencies negotiate across platforms, with the ultimate aim of reaching audiences more effectively.

Alex Grayshon
Media Account Manager

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