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NABS Masterclass, Working Parents: from deprived to revived

NABS Masterclass, Working Parents: from deprived to revived

Recently, TCS signed up as a partner of NABS: a non-profit organisation which provides support for people working in the advertising/media industry. I took this opportunity to attend one of their masterclasses, part of the relaunched NABS Working Parents Initiative – Working Parents: from deprived to revived.

On average we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, or attempting to do so in the case of working parents. If I were to compare how much I enjoyed sleeping pre-kid/s to now, I’d say I rarely give sleep a second thought. Not long after I arrived to the session, in enters Dr. Guy Meadows, sleep physiologist and one of the co-founders of The Sleep School.

Dr. Guy gave us a breakdown of sleep and why it’s so important; he explained that we sometimes forget that sleep disorders and intermittent sleep problems can significantly diminish health. I also learned that small people have the same sleep cycles as adults, and that it’s quite normal to have periods of wakefulness during the night. Sounds pretty basic right? But it will help me worry less about checking my little one during the night and in turn allow me to get a better night’s sleep.

The master class was very interactive – Dr. Guy fielded questions left, right and centre from sleep deprived parents which he handled with perfect aplomb, whilst throwing in practical tips and useful techniques. He taught me to differentiate nightmares from night terrors (my nemesis), and gave me handy solutions to dealing with them separately. All in all it was a morning well spent. One of the best things about this masterclass, it won’t cost a thing!

Nicola DeBique
Business Administrator

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