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Museum of Brands – Personalised Packaging

Museum of Brands – Personalised Packaging

Several members of the TCS Brand team visited the Museum of Brands for the launch of their Personalised Packaging exhibition series.

The series aims to reflect upon how the personalisation of products engages with the modern consumer.
Great examples of brands adopting the personalisation trend included Coke, Nutella, Marmite, KitKat and Vaseline.

Coca cola

Kit Kat

Radio Times

Better marmite

Product customisation is becoming increasingly popular through today’s social media culture. The visual aspect makes personalised content shareable, which in turn provides an easy point of sale online Рas consumers are able personalise goods in minutes. A great opportunity to turn your average day-to-day items into something more fun and interesting!

Advances in technology have made the personalisation process more affordable and timely. The result is the transformation of a basic FMCG product into something more emotional, raising engagement levels and helping to forge a meaningful relationship between the brand and the consumer. This can help brands progress towards the ultimate aim of building loyalty (to increase immediate and future sales).
We also enjoyed having a chance to walk around the time tunnel of consumer history in Britain. It was fascinating to see old copies of Radio Times in 1925, and also to see some iconic outdoor advertising; it was amazing to see how far media and advertising has come over the last century.

Sarah Hodges
Media Account Manager

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