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The Best and Worst Advice From Our Mums

The Best and Worst Advice From Our Mums

Happy Mother’s Day!

For most of us, mum is the first face we see and our first love. She’s one of our biggest supporters but (sometimes) our fiercest critic – whilst also being a friend. We may never be able to give back what Mum has given us, but at least we can share their love. This Mother’s Day, we at TCS have been sharing (and giggling at) those little nuggets of advice we got from our mum – good and bad! After all, mum is (nearly) always right…

Here’s some of the best and worst pieces of advice a few of us have had from our mums:

Best advice:

Always have £20 cash for emergencies.

Work hard and save.

Always believe in personal integrity, and be ambitious.

When the sun shines, get outdoors and enjoy it whilst you can! You never know when it’ll come back.

When raising babies, they’ll make your arms ache. But when they grow up, they make your heart ache.

Never say you can’t do something, just try really hard (and then try again).

Worst advice:

Your hair looks great crimped.

Get married.

Don’t start your own business!

Always wear clean underwear when you leave the house, in case you get hit by a bus!

It’s sometimes good to talk to yourself for some expert advice.

Sell all your Action Man stuff for £10 (I had A LOT of Action Man stuff).

Patricia Hytonen
Junior Media Planner/ Buyer

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