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An American Take on the Manchester Media Scene

An American Take on the Manchester Media Scene

Every Friday Prolific North gives a senior media figure a platform to air their views on a topical or relevant issue. I read a piece by Sara Schwartz, an Account Director at Havas PR in New York, giving her view on the Manchester’s media scene with interest (and some amusement):

‘I’ve come to find that the UK, while embracing the new story-telling capabilities that digital has to offer, remains committed to tradition. And after my visits to MediaCity, the Manchester Evening News and Key 103, I’ve seen first-hand how the region’s media scene has this unique mix of innovation and heritage. One thing that shocked me was the resilience of print. With over 10 national newspapers UK print media is still thriving, just maybe not as much as before. Why this commitment to print? Maybe it’s that the UK culture is simply one of tradition, embracing the new and innovative, without closing the door on the past. For example, despite the rise of the coffee industry and increasing popularity of brunch, Brits will always fancy tea. Some will even travel with English tea bags because nowhere else can do it just right. And while anyone here would admit to regularly streaming American TV shows, Manchester can’t seem to part with Coronation Street – the soap whose plot has seemed to survive eight decades.’

As a Brit (living and working in Manchester) who is guilty of travelling with the odd teabag stowed away in my luggage – and watching the occasional episode of Corrie – much of the above struck a cord! We need to embrace the new, but must remember it doesn’t always mean better – and that for many clients traditional media with its heritage still has an important part in the media mix. Local advertisers particularly still need to look to traditional media as part of their strategy. Local newspapers, for example, still remain by far the most trusted and popular source of local news, followed by local television and local radio (YouGov Survey 2014). Traditional media and social/digital media each have their place – it doesn’t have to be either/or – it’s about getting the right mix for the each client and each campaign to create the most effective ROI.

Jo Parkinson
Director of TCS North

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