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ISBA backs 100% viewability

ISBA backs 100% viewability

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers’ (ISBA) development of a 100% viewability standard for digital display advertising is pretty good news. But is anyone else confused, or is it just me?

ISBA are now working with MRC: great. They’re also working with JICWEBS. So are the IAB. The IAB and MRC have also worked together. Let’s not forget the regional trade bodies: the WFA, ANA, ACA, and of course the AANA. Can we get a Judean People’s Front involved too please? (Look it up if this means nothing to you!).

It goes without saying that, for certain advertisers with certain objectives, the option to buy a guaranteed 100% view is essential. Any advertiser and agency worth their salt should be watching viewability carefully. So whilst we wait for more standards, our advice is to make sure your adserver is monitoring and reporting on viewability, and that you’re setting viewability measures in your programmatic platform. Low viewability rates = wasted advertising budget. So pretty good news from ISBA then.

Ciaran Deering
Digital Director

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