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The importance of keeping ahead in the Arts and Entertainment market

The importance of keeping ahead in the Arts and Entertainment market

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There are some big numbers to consider when operating in the Arts, Leisure and Entertainment sector. How about £2.4bn? And that’s just the Performing Arts contribution per annum.

As an agency playing a modest role supporting and advising our clients on how to invest money in media wisely, and with a profitable return, we will be attending tomorrow’s Arts, Leisure and Entertainments Conference, with interest. The great and the good of the industry will gather in Docklands to discuss and debate audience generation and retention in a digital world.

It’s a fact, the digital revolution is impacting the Arts and Ents market like nothing that has gone before. The competition for visitor wallets is on fire. Clients need to embrace technology and the attendant benefits quickly, separating the wheat from the chaff. There’s a lot of noise out there and you need to be guided as to what can make a difference and what is a mere distraction.

Our clients can now extend their products’ reach through digital channels, taking the experience out of the venue itself. Furthermore, advances in virtual reality and tools like iBeacon can enhance the marketing experience.

In the media planning and buying space, we have embraced social media, behavioural economics, content, trending et al.   The advent of programmatic buying needs to be woven in to an integrated communication strategy; it is not a stand-alone module, just an enhancement to the process of attracting audiences and getting them to purchase. Avoid the pitfall of paralysis by analysis. The amalgam of old and new media channels will deliver tangible results to the bottom line, if part of a well thought out plan.

The world of big data needs to be put in to marketing context. Understand it, use it, measure it but ensure you are the driver rather than the driven.

Our head of Entertainment and Leisure, Peter Smith, will be there tomorrow: if you’d like to chat to him, or just find out more about TCS and about our view on the media in today’s Entertainment market, simply email


See you at the conference

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