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The Graduate View

The Graduate View

As a recent graduate, walking into the media world was somewhat a dream come true. As a kid I wanted to be everything from a space pirate to a cowboy, and I spent my teens impatiently waiting for my letter from Hogwarts. At 16 my peers and I were asked what we wanted to be. Since I attended a sports academy many said a footballer or a rugby player – some of which do now play at a professional level – but I had already begun thinking about the world of media as my neighbours were both Media Planners. In talking to them I developed a rapidly increasing interest into the industry and decided that it was the career path I wanted to take. You may assume that I went on to study media or marketing at university, but you’d be wrong. I went for history. A million miles away from the world of media.

Fresh faced out of university with nothing but optimism in my eyes I went on the hunt for a job in media and landed it – to my delight! Upon starting one of the first things I discovered were the amount of abbreviations thrown at you: KPIs, ROI, CPUs, CPM – WTF?!?! But after getting over the initial confusion the media landscape began to make sense. Alongside training from our own departments, a plethora of different media owners came in to teach me about their sector – from inserts and print to cinema and TV. All this training has laid the foundations for me to become a media planner/buyer.

What soon became abundantly clear was the importance of my relationships with my contacts. I was under no illusion that good relationships were important, but discovering just how vital they are did slightly surprise me. Of course with these good relationships comes possibly the best perk of the job – media lunches. Being taken out to an assortment of gorgeous restaurants in and around Notting Hill is not a bad way to spend your lunchtime.

During my first 6 months in the media world I have enjoyed (almost) every second of it. From learning about all the different media channels and their strengths and weaknesses, studying the effectiveness of John Lewis ad campaigns for my IPA Foundation Exam, implementing my own clients’ campaigns (and seeing them come to life) and, of course, the food.

Starting my career with TCS has been fantastic. It has given me the opportunity to cover every media channel so I already feel like I have a strong understanding of the industry. TCS itself is filled with nothing but lovely people who all contribute their own little bit to the agency and, as the resident baker, I feel I’ve done the same.

Callum Jewell
Junior Media Planner/Buyer

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