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Have you got a mobile -friendly website?

Have you got a mobile -friendly website?


With Google rolling out its new mobile-friendly algorithm today you need to ensure your website is up to scratch. Fail to comply and you search ranking could take dive by as much as a third. can offer advice to help clients ensure the mobile online experience is geared up to give visitors a seamless journey.

The mobile-friendly site (left) resizes the navigation and content to fit a smartphone screen. This makes for a positive user experience, compared to the standard website (right) which merely crushes a PC-sized template into a mobile browser.
Imagine these two examples above were rival pizza chains – which site would you order from?
Here’s two two easy steps to determine whether your site is mobile-friendly or not:
• Your text must be able to be read without zooming in – if your site shows up on a mobile as merely a shrunk-down PC browser version, then it’s definitely not mobile-friendly.
• The core functionality and content e.g. menus and text columns should resize comfortably to fit all mobile screens sizes from the smaller HTC’s to the larger iPhone 6 and Galaxy screens.
You can check whether your site is currently mobile-friendly with Google’s mobile-friendly website tool.
Here’s a few more pointers on mobile friendliness:
• Small text and Flash are going to pose a problem.
• Page and content loading times will be assessed i.e. the quicker they load, the better.
• Sites that only partially resize well i.e. some pages do, some don’t, are likely to be penalised.
• Mobile search takes into account the user’s location, so make sure your Google Business Page location details are accurate.
• Tablets are not affected by this algorithm but expect something similar further down the line.
So there you go, now you have pretty much everything you need to know about Google’s latest mobile update.

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