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Fit Challenge – TCYes!

Fit Challenge – TCYes!

In June, five TCS employees strapped on Fitbits and formed the Fitness super group, ‘TCYes!’. The challenge was an inter-agency competition – pitting teams against each other by recording each team’s fitness over the duration of the month: steps, calories, active minutes and for some of the better performing individuals within our team, steps, steps and more steps. The winning agency wins a trip to Rwanda, where they will help build a primary school. Below are the experiences of our TCYes team members:

David Baxter:
I really enjoyed the challenge. From a fitness perspective, in the beginning I realised that my fitness levels weren’t quite what I thought they were. But as time went on, I could feel that improving. Ultimately, the whole competition was about creating awareness for the charity, Action Aid, so it was nice to be involved in a really good cause. As far as I’m aware, this is the first time this challenge has been done, so hopefully this can be the start of a yearly summer competition!

Callum Jewell:
The month was off to a good start with my personal steps often getting over 25,000. I was walking to and from Westbourne Grove every day – followed by a gym session or football training. However, disaster struck early into the challenge as I was diagnosed with an ingrown toenail. Bravely I soldiered on, often at great risk to my health, nay, my life. OK… perhaps I’m being slightly over dramatic but still… it really, REALLY hurt! As I soldiered on, I managed to rack up my daily 20,000 steps plus. Envious of Alex’s 35,000+ a day, the realisation soon dawned on me that perhaps I wouldn’t win the challenge as others in the competition stormed ahead of me. As the final day arrives, I am left with a sense of happiness and emptiness. Happy that never again will I have to walk to work and arrive a hot, sweaty mess. I can finally kick back relax and stand on a crowded tube train once more. Hallelujah!

Alex Grayshon:
The last day of the step challenge is finally here and I’m very much looking forward to getting those 4 hours a day back and never, ever walking to work again. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t take this step challenge too seriously – truth is, this whole competition dictated everything I was doing in my free time. I’ve literally walked to Paris and back this month. It was for a great cause and a bit of fun…but never again.

Sarah Hodges:
When the email about the F.I.T. challenge was sent around our agency, I was keen to get involved. Outside of media hours, I teach Body Attack and go to the gym often, so I assumed it wouldn’t be too challenging. Never assume anything! The first week I embraced the step challenge, and did 5 cardio classes in a week. By the Friday, I was knackered! Having realised that this wasn’t sustainable. The second week I changed tactic and walked as much as I could, even foregoing teaching Body Attack in favour of the 2 hour 10K walk home. By the second Friday I was bored of walking, and realised why I love exercise classes: they are so much more interesting and fun! Week 3: I balanced things out a bit, still going for 50 mins walks at lunch when possible. It’s now week 4 and I’m certainly running out of steam. In a last attempt to gain more steps, three of us are booked into Barry’s Boot Camp tomorrow morning before work, that’ll certainly be one way to finish the challenge on a cardio high!

Suzana Lay:
There’s nothing like a bit of healthy (no pun intended) competition to draw a group of people together. After the fun of filming the entry video and the novelty of setting up our new Fitbits, we quickly settled into our own ways of upping our daily step count. We started off strong with team lunchtime walks and a Whatsapp group chat but it was hard, for most, to maintain the initial enthusiasm. I might miss the spontaneous waving of arms, conspiracy theories and ‘gentle’ ribbing to get members of the team back on track, but I will be glad not to have to run on the spot at 11:45pm to reach my daily step goal.

Today marks the end of the challenge, and whilst it’s been difficult at times trying to stay motivated every day (and not feel too guilty about having the odd rest day), we’ve really enjoyed the last month. It’s certainly given us an extra incentive to do more exercise, but it’s also been a great team building experience and has given us a chance to bond over our friendly competition. We’ve got last Friday of the month drinks today, and irrespective of where we finish in the lead table, we’ll be raising a glass in celebration (and relief) of the end of the F.I.T. challenge. We’d like to thank Freedman International for organising this competition and to Fitbit for the amazing Fitbit Blazes that have become an extra body part for the last month! Finally, best of luck to the winners who will travel to Rwanda in October with ActionAid, let’s hope all of the agencies’ collective monetary efforts help make a difference too.

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