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Ephemeral messaging, yes. Ephemeral marketing, no.

Ephemeral messaging, yes. Ephemeral marketing, no.


As an agency we don’t subscribe to ephemeral marketing. We actively dissuade clients to spend their budget without looking at the longer term results. It is very easy to create an impact over a short period of time but there are so many other factors to consider in measuring the true success of a well thought out campaign. If we don’t believe you can achieve the desired business results we’d rather say so at the start.

Our default culture is to help clients build business and that usually means long term commitment on both-sides, sharing the highs and the lows, together, working with clear goals and a strategy that is honed and fine-tuned along the way.

Today’s media palette offers such variety that you need an old master to sketch out the landscape. We live in a ‘now’ world. The fact is immediacy of everything can distract the best of marketers. Today’s news doesn’t even stay around long enough to make it to fish and chip shop.

Ephemeral messaging has changed the way we think about communicating. Peer to peer and social media allows us to distribute content quickly, create a buzz, inform, influence and act. True measurement is tricky. The various platforms that are available, be it Snapchat, Wickr, Blink, need to be put in to context and used in the marketing armoury.

Today’s brands need impact and resonance. One without the other won’t do. Instant messaging has its place. Marketers have to demonstrate that social media works and delivers ROI. The success in this channel is sometimes measured by content becoming a permanent. Ironically, in some cases the term ‘ephemeral’ becomes an oxymoron. With the digital audience saving content, sharing it, or posting it on other networks, it has a very long tail and that means it becomes somewhat less ephemeral.

The usage of ephemeral messaging falls under our aegis tenet of ‘making sense of media’.

As an agency we believe clients should take full advantage of the burgeoning media channels available. But most importantly, they must first acquaint themselves with the respective nuances of such media. Ephemerality is just that, short term. It has its place.

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