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Arch Rivals Go Over the Top

You’ve got to take your hat off to Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix. Talk about bucking the trend – in 2007 Netflix had 6m subscribers with their biggest rival being Blockbusters. Back in those days DVD’s were mailed out and the thought of live streaming a movie to your phone via the internet was, to many, inconceivable. Investors were alarmed by …

  • Posted: June 13, 2018

Ad of the Week – Uber

It’s fair to say that Uber have had a bumpy ride in recent times. Whether it’s embarrassing outbursts from its former CEO, or losing its licence to operate in London (pending an appeal) over public safety concerns, the ride-hailing app has been a constant source of controversy and public scrutiny.

Now Uber is fighting back. Its latest ad campaign in the UK seeks to confront public concerns head on. …

  • Posted: June 8, 2018

Love: An Island In The Stream

The latest kid on the block in ITV’s most exclusive neighbourhood is the behemoth that is Love Island. It’s fair to say that the initial success of last year’s show blew everyone’s socks off, most notably, ITV’s. The phrase ‘grinning like a Cheshire cat’ would aptly describe the facial expressions of the top tier of executives. The tidal surge in viewing that this …

  • Posted: June 7, 2018

28% of time spent on media will be mobile by 2020

Media consumption has changed at a rapid pace. A new study by Zenith forecasts that, by 2020, mobile internet usage will reach 28% of total media use. It is almost surreal that in 2011 this figure was only 5%. This has of course influenced the way brands invest in advertising; online revenues continue to rise YoY with mobile up 21% in 2017, making …

  • Posted: June 6, 2018

Ad of the Week – Bimuno

My AOTW is for none other than our client Bimuno, whose striking full page ad will be going into a number of titles including Elle, Red, Top Sante, Balance & Men’s/Women’s Health. The ad text reads “You can’t bottle feelings like this, but they are available in a sachet.” The image really speaks to the feeling of wellness and health (and you can …

  • Posted: June 1, 2018

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