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Love Island, Body Consciousness and Responsible Advertising

No one expected an ITV2 reboot of a failed celebrity reality TV show to become a national phenomenon. The massive popularity of Love Island has been an enormous ratings and financial success for ITV: it is ITV2’s most-watched programme ever and the format has been sold to several other countries including Germany and Australia. It’s also ITV’s biggest show for 16-34s.

The show …

  • Posted: August 2, 2018

Ad of the Week – Haribo

For years now, Haribo’s TV adverts have been hilariously distinctive. Grown adults talking and acting like children may be a very simple concept, but Haribo have managed to take complete ownership of it and make it synonymous with their brand. It totally works too – Haribo sweets might be sugary, stretchy and colourful, but that doesn’t stop people of all ages loving them.

The brand has outdone itself once again …

  • Posted: July 27, 2018

The Eternal Power of Creativity

What do you remember from your commute this morning, out of the hundreds of ads you saw? For me, it was the Barbican’s Dorothea Lange Exhibition (see image above). But why? The answer is simple, it hits at the most primal of human emotions: survival, fear, sadness, pity and love. This got me thinking – with the modern media landscape being dominated …

  • Posted: July 23, 2018

Ad of the Week – Coca Cola

The new re-branded Coca Cola Zero Sugar ad features an elderly man in a retirement home, listening to the sound of Queen’s ‘I want to break free’. After taking his first sip of the beverage, the old man’s mind wanders to the things he didn’t get a chance to do over the years.

Naturally, his first thoughts are towards an old flame telling her he loves her (words perhaps most men …

  • Posted: July 20, 2018

The Evolving Landscape of Data Ownership

Last week it was announced that Facebook had incurred a £500,000 fine for its part in the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, and its breach of GDPR. Whilst seemingly a significant sum, to Facebook, this is the equivalent of a fiver. Back in 2014, Facebook was also fined £94m for its breach of using people’s Whatsapp connections to suggest Facebook friends. Again, Facebook flippantly paid …

  • Posted: July 19, 2018

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