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Ad of the Week – Frank Pick

Not quite an ad but an eye-catching memorial entitled Beauty < Immortality (designed by Turner Prize-nominated artists Langlands & Bell), was unveiled at Piccadilly Circus last week to celebrate the work of Frank Pick (1878-1941). When I saw this I thought what a nice way of presenting a piece of nostalgia, and when looking into it in more detail, it created realisation ...

  • Posted: November 24, 2016

Ad of the Week – Ghostbusters

Last week’s Ad of the Week had to be the Ghostbusters takeover of Waterloo station.

While we might not be expecting too much from the ‘re-boot’ of Ghostbusters, the media world has changed greatly since the last instalment in 1989.

With Waterloo Station being one of the most used venues for blockbuster releases (after last year’s Jurassic World), it has now been overrun by Sony Pictures’ Ghostbusters 2016 film release. Utilising a …

  • Posted: July 18, 2016

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