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Ad of the Week – Carmex

I heard this Carmex ad on Capital Xtra first thing in the morning. My first thought was “I wonder which new song this is?”. After listening more closely I realised that it was in fact, a very catchy ad! I was quite impressed because it stopped me from changing stations or moving to Spotify (yes, even I sometimes try to avoid ads).

The ad is creative and it shows. By using …

  • Posted: March 16, 2018

Ad of the Week – Twitter

During the Oscars last week, Twitter ran a timely ad championing female empowerment as part of their #HereWeAre campaign. The ad is narrated with a poem by Denice Frohman, and features 60 seconds of prominent women including filmmakers Ava Duvernay and Issa Rae. My favourite line of the poem was “tell them, when we discovered life on another planet, it was a woman — and she built a bridge, not …

  • Posted: March 9, 2018

Is Nike’s latest campaign too London-centric?

Every so often an advert comes along that gets everyone, media professionals and the wider public alike, talking and debating. In the past few weeks that has been Nike’s Nothing Beats a Londoner campaign.

The advert features a whole host of Londoners: inner city teens running home from school, aspiring young athletes, well-known sports stars such as Dina Asher-Smith and Harry Kane, and musicians including Skepta and Kurupt FM. In a …

  • Posted: March 5, 2018

Ad of the Week – KFC

My AOTW goes to KFC’s full page apology on the inside front cover of last Friday’s Metro. After falling fowl of an almighty cock-up with their new delivery contract, the majority of KFCs around the country were forced to close. This led to mass hysteria across the UK! Some even resorted to chasing pigeons around the streets in the hope of satisfying their fried poultry needs. No? Just me?

To …

  • Posted: March 2, 2018

Thinkbox – New Approaches to TV Advertising

Last Wednesday I attended Thinkbox’s Ad Fab: New approaches to TV advertising event at BAFTA in Piccadilly.

Tim Harford, economist and journalist, opened the session by discussing the nature of innovation. He debated the merits of progression: a steady marginal gains approach (small changes and innovations) vs a riskier (but possibly more rewarding) great leap (radical experiments) . Harford asserted that brands should consider both strategies when it comes to …

  • Posted: February 28, 2018

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