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For building business clients need more than just a left-brain media agency

For building business clients need more than just a left-brain media agency


At TCS we look at media planning and buying on the whole. We’re very good at digital; indeed we were one of the earlier adopters in the field. However, many clients have fallen in to the trap of believing online is the panacea; infinitely measurable, 24/7 data streams fuelling analytical, logical mining of the mountain of data which has become a prerequisite. In fact, you are ashamed if you cannot brag about the size of your data pile at networking events.

Today, we are reaching the point where programmatic tools by marketers are matched by programmatic systems employed by consumers. It is shifting from screens to sensors for purchasing decisions. Robot wars, if you like.

We get it. We understand it. We advise our clients on it. We plan it. We buy it. We optimize it. We learn from it. We buy more of it. You get the picture.

However, It is just part of the media framework. What’s on the other side? How can there be anything else? I am happy in my data cavern, in my data mountain, crunching my data.

Well, how about us giving you more data to crunch? More than your heart desires?
In other words growing your business, increasing your reach, making you famous, and delivering you more customers.

I guess it’s the marketing equivalent to homeopathy, these days: we call it offline.

At TCS we help build online businesses by fusing offline-‘know how’. It brings scale that pure-play media planning can’t achieve.

Our solution is to measure ‘total effectiveness’. We cut through the smoke and mirrors that pervades the industry, we measure what counts, and for that you need clarity from the start. We know it ends in sales so we work back from that.

Total effectiveness isn’t just based on back-end algorithms and data sets it’s an approach that starts with a thorough examination of your potential market. We scope out all socio, geo-demographic and behavioral traits of your future customers and then compose a strategy and implement the plan of how best to drive customers to your websites, simple but effective.

You don’t have to look far for examples either. A few years back an aggregator was a software program not a brand. has spent over £50m in just the last three years in offline investment to build traffic and establish a brand in this burgeoning sector. Today the first port of call when buying most things is a comparison site.

Furthermore, evidence suggests, searches during an 8 week TV campaign will typically deliver a jump of between 60-80% on brand name, and between 40-60% on generic terms related to the brand.

Here at TCS we utilize a cross-channel attribution product that measures and visualizes effectiveness of TV, press, radio, outdoor and web expenditure. It provides facts and figures we need to manage our clients’ investment. It’s all part of our holistic approach we call total effectiveness.

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