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Bimuno Trial Experience

Bimuno Trial Experience

In general, I lead a healthy lifestyle: I’m very fit and active, I don’t smoke and I rarely drink. I first became aware of the world of supplements and gut health when I took antibiotics to combat an infection. At the time my pharmacist recommended I take probiotics to help maintain the natural ‘good bacteria’ that existed in my body, which would be wiped out with antibiotics. Last year, I experienced a bout of ill health. Recurring tonsillitis led me to experience first-hand the repercussions of repeated antibiotics on my system, including catching a stomach bug I would normally not be susceptible to.

Since then I appreciate the importance of having a happy and healthy gut. As such I was keen to test Bimuno’s prebiotic, the Bimuno Daily. After recovering from my tonsillectomy earlier this year, I began taking the sachets.

For the first week I didn’t notice any major changes. But, when reflecting on the last few weeks, I noticed that I haven’t had any uncomfortable stomach cramps, or instances of mild constipation. My digestive system seems to have been functioning more efficiently, which can only be a good thing! Finally, I have seen a difference in my quality of sleep, I am naturally a light sleeper, but have been sleeping more heavily and have not been woken so easily in the morning with the earlier sunrise. The real difference was felt when my first packet finished and I stopped taking Bimuno. I have since got another box and plan on continuing to take the supplement to help maintain a healthy gut, as subtle changes make all the difference.

Sarah Hodges
Media Account Manager

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