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Possibly… The Best Adverts in the World?

Possibly… The Best Adverts in the World?

Having been in the industry since the mid-sixties, I made sure to tune in last week to the ITV programme: ‘Possibly… The Best Adverts in the World’. The show remembered all decades worth of classics, and suggested candidates to win the title of ‘the best ever advert’. It included times when alcohol and cigarette commercials were featured, Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins in the Cinzano commercials – a big favourite – and when Donald Trump appeared in a Pizza Hut commercial! However, my personal favourite ‘Cadbury’s Smash’ wasn’t featured!

Selected personalities were asked to shortlist their favourite TV commercials, based on their pre-selected categories (e.g. food, toys, cars etc.) and eventually selecting their ultimate favourite. Finally, the studio audience were asked to vote for their favourite commercial out of those suggested by each of the celebs.

The overall winner was the 2003 Honda ‘Cog’ commercial. This ad was produced to launch the Honda seventh-generation Accord line of cars. It was Angus Deayton’s selection, commenting: “there were no actors in this commercial, and it won every award going – making us rather dispensable!”

Whilst a very clever commercial, it wouldn’t necessarily be everyone’s favourite out of so many years full of worthy contenders, so the term ‘best commercial in the world’ is a bit ambivalent.

Do you remember any of the chosen adverts from years gone by?

Frank Wilmott
Director – B2B, TCS Media (North)

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