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Ad of the Week – Vilnius

Ad of the Week – Vilnius

I think that the Visit Vilnius ad is very clever. It’s so close to the line that I’ve got to admit I’m surprised it has been allowed by regulators, but this is what makes it so good! It’s risqué, cheeky and funny. Obviously invoking stereotypes about the g-spot, and comparing the perceived lack of awareness of it to the city is smart, and that once you find it it’ll be “amazing”. Now, after seeing this ad I have no doubt that a trip to Vilnius would really hit the spot (sorry!). I think this ad will appeal to a younger audience; perhaps those on a gap year who are inter railing around Europe. Another reason it’s so appealing could be due to the fact that it was actually created by advertising students.

The primary goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of the city, and after the ad gained global notoriety, it was surely a success!

Callum Jewell
Media Account Executive

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