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Ad of the Week – Uber

Ad of the Week – Uber

It’s fair to say that Uber have had a bumpy ride in recent times. Whether it’s embarrassing outbursts from its former CEO, or losing its licence to operate in London (pending an appeal) over public safety concerns, the ride-hailing app has been a constant source of controversy and public scrutiny.

Now Uber is fighting back. Its latest ad campaign in the UK seeks to confront public concerns head on. The new 30 second commercial outlines the app’s driver profile feature which includes each driver’s name, picture, registration plate, hobbies and interests, and even how many languages they speak. Uber will hope this goes some way in addressing any passenger fears over safety and security.

The ad has featured prominently on VoD, no doubt taking advantage of the ability to target likely passengers based on age and location.

Uber still has a challenging road ahead as it fights for its right to operate in the capital. Making changes and proactively promoting them to the right audience will surely help in its ongoing battle to win over hearts and minds.

Rayhan Uddin
Junior Planner/Buyer

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