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Ad of the Week – Tunnock’s

Ad of the Week – Tunnock’s

Sitting about on new year’s day with friends (slightly worse for wear after the new year’s celebrations) an advert for Tunnock’s came on TV. The conversation turned to Tunnock’s wafers and how tasty they were. The ad finished and another came on; our conversation turned to another subject. Suddenly I realised that what I thought was the next advert was in fact another for Tunnock’s. Our gaze fell back to the TV, and we sat there rather amused. We kept expecting a different ad to follow once one had finished – but what at first seemed to be another ad from another advertiser also turned out to be for Tunnock’s! Tunnock’s dominated the whole of that particular ad break.

It seems the ad break takeover was to celebrate their 60th Anniversary. It ran in one of the ad breaks for Harry Potter’s 50 Greatest Moments. We were certainly a captive audience, sitting around the lounge, too tired to move and dreaming of eating something tasty… like a Tunnock’s Tea Cake! I wonder if anyone went on to purchase a Tunnock’s product in their next shop after seeing the ad takeover. I would have… but I’m on a post-Christmas diet!

Julia Howes
Media Planner/Buyer

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