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Ad of the Week – THINK!

Ad of the Week – THINK!

We all do it (yes we do – well most of us). Texting whilst driving. It has become one of those supposedly acceptable multi-tasking activities that one does at the wheel.

However, unbeknownst to me, on 1st March 2017, the fixed notice for using a handheld mobile phone while driving doubled from £100 to £200 and from three to six penalty points on your licence.

The advert that I saw in the cinema, titled ‘Designated Driver’ had an impact, as always, due to the strength of the cinema environment. It certainly made me stop and think, not only getting the information across, but in a very serious but also an amusing way.

A lady helps get her drunk brother/friend/husband into the car and then drives out of a pub car park. While driving them to their destination, she begins to text and the drunk passenger suggests they switch places, which seems ludicrous, as he is obviously very drunk, but she gets out and he crawls across to the driver’s seat… the screen goes black and this text comes up ‘You’re twice as likely to crash text driving as you are drink driving” then ‘You wouldn’t drink and drive. Don’t text and drive.

Society over the years has made drink driving totally unacceptable and I believe that this advert will help to stop texting while driving and banish it to the same stigma that is associated with drink driving.

Justin Mallinson
Associate Director

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