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Ad of the Week – Slazenger

Ad of the Week – Slazenger

There is no doubt with the sun shining and the temperatures rising, we must be coming to the end of the warm spell as Wimbledon is upon us. Whilst watching Eurosport’s excellent coverage of the Aegon Championship at Queen’s Club, one advert stuck out. It was repeated many times, and I probably am the target audience (or at least I play tennis a couple of times a week), but it’s relevance, poignancy and upbeat nature of the advert did get me thinking.

The advert was for Slazenger, and it’s ‘partnership’ with Wimbledon, which is apparently the longest partnership is sporting history – going on since 1902 or (for those with my speed at maths) 115 years. The following numbers come up… 115, 14,000, 130, 45,000, 830 and 1, it got me thinking of all those classic finals I used to watch as a child, teenager, young adult and now sadly middle aged man. How does one decide what to put into a 30 second advert with 115 years’ worth of history? It is an unenviable task that I wouldn’t want (other than the chance to scour through all those hours of footage trying to find those unique individual moments).

However all credit to those that put this advert together because it made me feel happy, proud and also part of this enduring partnership. This evening when I go off to play my rather substandard tennis, when I buy my Slazenger tennis balls, I will think of the history and heritage and do my utmost to follow in the footsteps of all those left handed living legends.


Justin Mallinson
Associate Director

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