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Ad of the Week – Pride in London

Ad of the Week – Pride in London

My ad (or ads) of the week hold a huge amount of importance to me personally. The ads are for Pride in London and will be aired on Channel 4, marking 50 years since homosexuality was legalised. In addition to this Channel 4 will be showing a number of documentaries as part of a special season celebrating all things LGBT.

There are a number of films – a 90 second cinematic version, a 60 second version titled ‘The Apology’ and four 30 second stories. The 30 second films tell the stories of a Lesbian, a Bisexual, a Gay and a Trans person who have lost someone close to them after coming out. However, the perspective of the ads are from the point of view of the person who initially rejected them. They direct a monologue straight to the camera apologising, to the person they lost, for their lack of acceptance. The ending caption says “don’t leave it unsaid”. This is an important message – it’s never too late to apologise.

The ads are brilliant. They are simple but powerful, and very moving. As an active member of the LGBT community I have experienced this rejection myself, and you’d be hard pressed to find a member of the community who hasn’t been rejected by at least one friend or family member after ‘coming out’.

Jonni Learoyd, Chair of Channel 4 Pride, said “Channel 4 is thrilled to support this fantastic partnership which will send a positive and inclusive message… love happens here”. Ross Neil, Executive Creative Director at WCRS (who created the ads) said “it’s difficult to fully appreciate the amount of love and pride that has gone into this campaign… this is a campaign that started from a negative place of hatred and has blossomed into a technicolour, full volume, inclusive expression of love”.

The whole campaign leads to tomorrow – the London Pride Parade (which I’ll be marching in). Over 50 special guests – LGBT+ and famous allies – will be taking over Channel 4, All 4 and More 4, making continuity announcements. Guests will include Stephen K Amos and Asifa Lahore.

Channel 4 – Shantay you stay!

Callum Jewell
Media Account Executive

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