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Ad of the Week – Pride in London

Ad of the Week – Pride in London

It’s Pride in London on Saturday, and sadly I have to march instead of watching the England match! However, whilst missing the match is massively annoying, I am still proud to be marching once again, to celebrate my community, the gains we have made in society, but also protest for the rights of those who still don’t have them, even within the UK (looking at you Northern Ireland!).

This year’s ad, created by BMB, is a two minute film following individuals from the LGBTQ community who are still facing challenges for being who they are. As the ad progresses, the tone shifts to a slightly more positive one of people being defiant in the face of adversity. The closing line “We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a way to go” is 100% true. The creative for this ad is perfect as it celebrates all different aspects of the community. The campaign initially aired on Channel 4, and is now on social media; 20 second cut downs are available on Channel 4’s VOD and All 4.

Callum Jewell
Media Account Executive

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