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Ad of the Week – Paypal

Ad of the Week – Paypal

PayPal 2016 Big Game Commercial – “There’s a New Money in Town’

Being slightly the wrong side of young, cool, hip and trendy but having sadly enjoyed embracing the Apple Pay format, I have yet to get a PayPal account because I have never felt the need.

However their latest TV advert has got me thinking, maybe I do need a PayPal account. I really love everything about this – the visuals, the graphics and the music (‘Confident’ by Demi Lovato, of course I only know this from having Shazam on my iPhone!). It’s short, sharp and punchy and even has graphics – or for a man of my age they could be classed as subtitles!

Normally I get saturation pretty fast with TV adverts, however I have seen this around half a dozen times and it has grabbed my attention every single airing. I watch it all the way through, wanting to see more and making sure I’ve not missed anything. I think this is possibly because it reminds me of a film trailer – but let’s not get me started on films, currently (with the last quarter of the year to go) I have visited the cinema 99 times already, so I do know what I’m talking about when it comes to impactful audio visual advertising.

Justin Mallinson

Associate Director

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