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Ad of the Week – Oasis

Ad of the Week – Oasis

Oasis Ad August 2016
When walking past this ad there wasn’t anything that particularly stood out – yes it’s a bright colour with bold writing and a brand I recognise – but nothing varying greatly from the plethora of ads we’re bombarded with every day. In fact, I nearly walked straight by – but then I registered the last line: “Trust me. I’m an ad.”

This got me thinking about the trust we place in the advertising we absorb every day. Do we assume that whatever service or product a brand pays to advertise must be accurate and therefore reliable? Does money automatically equate to trustworthy advertising in the consumers’ eyes? How often does the average consumer challenge this?

Luckily, we live in a country where any unsubstantiated claims in advertising must either be proven or removed, where children are aimed to be protected against unsuitable messages, unhealthy habits are discouraged by such products having restricted exposure, and where companies or the general public have the right to lodge complaints about campaigns – which are taken seriously.

Nonetheless, I am also aware that it is actors who are paid to give rave reviews of a product in TV ads, that eyelash inserts or hair extensions are used in most beauty ads, that lighting, camera angle and photoshopping are all essential in creating the ‘perfect’ ad, and that surveys of products with great results are often conducted with small sample sizes.

In general, yes, I do trust advertising because of the rules and regulations in place the UK. However, I also trust my ability to assess a product and form my own opinion.

And therefore, even though I believe and acknowledge that Oasis is a refreshing drink, on this occasion I won’t rush out to buy one, as I don’t need refreshing right now.

Such is the consumer’s prerogative!

Sarah Hodges
Media Account Manager

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