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Ad of the Week – NYC Commission on Human Rights

Ad of the Week – NYC Commission on Human Rights

Whilst on a recent trip to New York, a series of ads about sexual harassment caught my eye.

The one I managed to capture (above) had the phrase “It’s just flirting” scribbled out to read “It’s sexual harassment”. There was another variation of it that scribbled out “It’s just a joke” in the same way.

In the current climate, adverts to remind people that lines can be crossed, and that it is a serious issue to do so, are very important. Nobody should ever be made to feel uncomfortable, only for their feelings to be brushed away with “it’s just a joke”.

This ad would have been effective anywhere, given the prevalence of sexual harassment in all parts of society. However as it was on the subway, where I had some time to look at and think about it, the power of it really stood out. The format of the ad was also a good play on vandalism – something that can be quite prevalent on public transport.

Callum Jewell
Media Account Executive

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