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Ad of the Week – Newsworks

Ad of the Week – Newsworks

It’s not often we have print ads as our AOTW, and so it feels fitting that when it does happen it’s the marketing body for national press’ doing – Newsworks.

They’ve launched a fantastic new campaign called ‘It’s time to get real’. You’ll find the ads in national press (natch) and also across out of home sites – and the creative really is worth seeing. The ads position emojis side by side with images of real conflict from across the world. These striking photos demonstrate the role press plays in communicating emotion and complexity – and next to these the emojis look superficial and simplistic. This campaign reminded me of why we need quality journalism now (probably more than ever).

Commenting on the campaign, Newsworks’ CEO, Vanessa Clifford, said: “From political upheaval, to war zones, to terrorist atrocities, the current news landscape needs newsbrands to delve into the details behind the headlines and make sense of the complexity. At their heart, newspapers have always been great storytellers. Their journalists have the ability to convey the humanity and emotion and provide the analysis we need to get the full-picture.”

Hannah McCready
Media & Marketing Account Executive

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