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Ad of the Week – McDonald’s

Ad of the Week – McDonald’s

It’s a universally accepted truth that British people are obsessed with talking about the weather. Whether it’s awkward small talk or genuine excitement/disgust, nothing gets us going quite like it.

McDonald’s played on this theme brilliantly with their recent digital out-of-home thermal campaign. The fast food chain worked with the Met Office to produce a live temperature update and 5-day weather forecast using icons of well-known menu items.

The ad works on a creative level: I never thought fries, a cheeseburger and ice cream could look so much like rain, sunshine and gusty wind!

It also works as a well-placed piece of communication. IPA research has consistently found that contextual OOH ads (those that take into consideration time, location, weather etc) are more effective across a range of brand metrics.

I really liked this campaign from McDonald’s. In fact, I could go as far as saying I’m lovin’ it…

Rayhan Uddin
Junior Planner/Buyer

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