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Ad of the Week – HSBC

Ad of the Week – HSBC

Even though HSBC moved on from being ‘the world’s local bank’ in 2011, the tagline still remains very much cemented in people’s minds. My AOTW is HSBC’s new ad for their Connected Money app, part of the recent ‘Together We Thrive’ campaign (which I think is making gains in solidifying this new positioning). Once again featuring Richard Ayoade, this ad plays on expressions through visual depictions of finance-related expressions: ‘skipping’ the financial tightrope or getting out an umbrella, ‘ready for the rainy day’.

The first iteration of this current campaign was the ‘Global Citizen’ ad which, in the aftermath of Brexit, set out a distinctively inclusive and globalist vision, perhaps an homage to HSBC’s previous positioning. This time, the same inclusive and liberal point of view is referenced through the ‘bank of mum and dad, dad and dad, or mum and mum’.

What I admire about HSBC’s communications is that it has always been relatable without coming across as disingenuous or cringey, particularly for such a global organisation. The narrative and positioning is gutsy and entertaining in what is normally a conservative and not particularly creative sector. I look forward to seeing how this campaign develops over the years.

Suzana Lay
Media Account Director

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