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Ad of the Week – Great Ormond Street Hospital

Ad of the Week – Great Ormond Street Hospital

I think that the new Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) ad is one of the most powerful of this year so far.

The ad begins with a similar feel to what we’re used to seeing for family centres such as Centre Parks or LEGOLAND. This sense of amazement is juxtaposed with what we’re actually being shown – mundane, everyday activities such as riding the bus, going to the supermarket and using the elevator. The advert then ends with a child sitting in hospital telling us how “all some children dream of is getting back to an ordinary world”.

I found this extremely captivating and incredibly moving as it makes the viewer release that some things are more important than owning a new car or a new brand of make-up, and all some children want is not to be in hospital every day. In an incredibly over-saturated charity market I believe this advert stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Callum Jewell
Media Account Executive

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