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Ad of the Week – Frank Pick

Ad of the Week – Frank Pick

Not quite an ad but an eye-catching memorial entitled Beauty < Immortality (designed by Turner Prize-nominated artists Langlands & Bell), was unveiled at Piccadilly Circus last week to celebrate the work of Frank Pick (1878-1941). frank-pick

When I saw this I thought what a nice way of presenting a piece of nostalgia, and when looking into it in more detail, it created realisation as to the background and relevance of Frank Pick.

Pick was the boss of London Underground and the mastermind behind many of its ground breaking and enduring designs.

He commissioned its famous bar and circle logo known as the ‘roundel’, Harry Beck’s Tube map, the Johnston typeface and many of Charles Holden’s Modernist stations (including Piccadilly Circus itself).

The poster is quite striking, and from the look of the picture seems to be in a prime position for noticeability amongst commuters. When seeing this it made me want to look into the background of it’s relevance and message. On the face of it, it isn’t too informative, but nevertheless quite intriguing.

A good example of positional relevance.

Frank Wilmott
Director – B2B, TCS Media (North)

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