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Ad of the Week – Dolmio

Ad of the Week – Dolmio

Richard Stear, the marketing director of Dolmio, said: “We believe that meals shared with family and friends are often distracted by the very technology that is supposed to bring us closer together, so we’ve created the Dolmio Pepper Hacker to help connect us with the people in front of us.”

This ad focuses on how technology is ‘taking over mealtimes’, bringing humour in showing how distracting technology can be – swapping out people and changing the environment of the kids who are too immersed in their tablets to notice. I think it’s an interesting approach as although it doesn’t specifically advertise Dolmio products, it is a great brand awareness campaign. I have also noticed the ads appearing around lunchtime, which might mean they are also implementing daypart targeting and serving ads to people whilst they are likely to be hungry – which I think is a very clever marketing strategy!

Hannah Pike
Online Campaign Manager

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