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Ad of the Week – CoppaFeel!

Ad of the Week – CoppaFeel!

Why do I always feel like I’m behind the curve? Maybe because I’m middle aged! This ad first appeared in Oct 17, but I only caught it last night. As the resident cinema ‘guru’, I was in the new Odeon Luxe Haymarket (which most of you will remember as Odeon Panton Street, next to the Harold Pinter Theatre).

Waiting for the film to start, I was on my phone trying to find out what had caused the traffic chaos on Oxford Street (FYI – a giant ‘Death Star’ balloon from the Lumiere Festival had blown onto the shoppers and caused mayhem).

My mind was elsewhere, but suddenly my eyes and ears were diverted to the screen. Attention-grabbing visuals were accompanied by a punchy voiceover, which was a little naughty and tongue in cheek, and I was intrigued.

When I realised what the advert was for I was gripped; it made me both happy and sad at the same time, because it was achieving something that all good advertising campaigns need – total attention from the audience.

Many of us have been affected (directly or indirectly) by this disease, and this CoppaFeel! ad enables people to help themselves with preventative measures. Broadcasting information about all the medical conditions out there can have huge ramifications on so many aspects of our daily lives, and help ease the pressure on one of the world’s greatest services: the NHS (70th anniversary this year!).

Fold7, the assigned creative agency, managed to be clever, funny and informative about an important issue – showing that everyone has the ability to tackle this problem head on. ‘Trust Your Touch’ made me realise that advertising can help to make an actual difference between life and death; it is an industry one can be proud to be part of.

You can find out more about CoppaFeel! here.

Justin Mallinson
Director of Entertainments

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