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Ad of the Week – Coca Cola

Ad of the Week – Coca Cola

While it must be wonderful to have a client like Coca Cola, it must also be one of the toughest jobs around. This product has been around since 1886, and still has the same recipe – how do they continue to reinvent themselves in today’s oversaturated media-world?

On a very warm Tuesday I got an answer to my question. I was flicking through Time Out magazine, and there she was: Marilyn. She was only on this earth for 36 years but, 56 years later, she is the face of the iconic print advert which is reminiscent of Coca Cola’s classic ads.

My absolute love for Marilyn is what piqued my interest, and compelled me to write this AOTW in the middle of my lunch break.

Justin Mallison
Director of Entertainments

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