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Ad of the Week – Cadbury

Ad of the Week – Cadbury

Cadbury share prices fall after new payment method introduced!

Cadbury’s new TV campaign is designed to melt even the coldest of hearts, within the gritty realms of life as a single parent. A hard-working single mum finishes work to rush across town, attempting to pick her daughter up from school on time.

On the journey home, an important call stops the mum in her tracks outside a corner shop, and the daughter takes it upon herself to pop in and get her mum a bar of chocolate.

Beautifully, the innocence of the little girl leads her to believe plastic money, buttons, rings and – reluctantly – a small toy unicorn should be ample payment. The shopkeeper realises he has been offered all the little girl has, and hands over the chocolate bar – returning the unicorn as change. The girl leaves elated with her mum’s birthday present.

There’s not much to dislike about Cadbury’s returning to earth with a real life story.

Well – I say real life, but… a corner shop? You’re more likely to find a drumming gorilla.

Matt Martin
Media Manager

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