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Ad of the Week Part 2 – Cadbury (cont.)

Ad of the Week Part 2 – Cadbury (cont.)

It’s not often that an advertising campaign successfully manages to manifest itself in real life, but this weekend that’s exactly what Cadbury are doing.

This week’s ad of the week from Matt told the story of a young girl wanting to buy her mum a birthday treat in the form of a chocolate bar. All she has to pay for the chocolate are plastic coins, buttons, a prize medal and a miniature unicorn.

Yesterday, Cadbury opened a real life chocolate-for-trinket exchange shop, ‘Glass and a half’ in London’s Greek Street, Soho. 10,000 bars are up for grabs.

The Cadbury pawn shop is also popping up soon in Birmingham and Sheffield.

This is a great example of how the simple act of giving away free samples (popular with everyone on the planet), can link seamlessly back to an advertising campaign. This will without doubt raise awareness and recognition of the ad when these savvy swappers next see it on TV. I’m sure there’ll also be a significant uplift on social media channels too.

Now, where did I put all of my plastic rings…

Sarah Hodges
Media Account Manager

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